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The question is how much does it cost?
Take our "Read This" Challenge.  Everyone says to keep our message simple.  We agree, so to save you the trouble of reading all of this, here is an overview:


The question you have to ask yourself is this: How much does it cost to get results?  What is my Return On Investment (ROI)?  We have a new word for money spent on advertising: ROAD (Return On Advertising Dollars). Ad Way America puts you on the right ROAD to more business with the least cost per return.

How can we be so sure? Because we start with your least expensive advertising tool, the one over 95% of all businesses use, the one you have with you most of the time, the one that tells people who you are, where you are and what you offer:  your

If the only advertising you ever do is getting your business card into the right hands or in front of the right people, and you do it properly, it may be the only advertising you ever have to do. Certainly it can be the least expensive and most effective way to advertise.

AWA (that's us) has figured out how to get your business card into the right hands at the lowest possible price.  You read that right. Into the hands of your next customer, client or patient.  A Business Card, in their hands, is far more effective than something they read in print or hear on the radio, or see on TV, but is actually IN THEIR HANDS.

Dollar for Dollar (or should we say penny for penny) we get your Business Card into the right hands for the second lowest cost to you.  The lowest cost is one you already do: hand them out yourself or put them out yourself at retail locations in your immediate area. Of course, that depends on how much you think your time is worth.

Finally, people who actually get their hands on your business card tend to keep it handy.  Business cards are the most held onto marketing tool
you can use.  It if wasn't so important, why would Vistaprint be spending millions of dollars promoting them over and over and over?
  AWA's Five Marketing Tools That WORK    
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  Your business card or business card size ad on each menu will be seen by more than 3,000 customers who take a menu, usually within a year. Plus....we supply each restaurant with a supply of laminated menus for in house use.  
BONUS 1:  Your actual business cards will be placed, exclusive by business category,
    at each menu location.  
BONUS 2:  Soon we will include a menu to the next 1,200 new families who move into your market area in our new welcoming program 
  30,000 Times A Month  
We place one of our bulletin boards at locations with in store traffic of a minimum of 50 customers a day. Many locations have an average of over 100 customers daily. The combined in store traffic of all locations in your market area is more than 1,000 people a day who see our bulletin board. That's more than 30,000 people a month!

  1,200 New Families  

Coming soon - Every month we will mail our welcoming package to an average of 100 new residents in each market area.
The package will include valuable coupons and information from local businesses and professionals (exclusive by category).

You will have the opportunity to make the new residents "An Offer They Can't Refuse" to bring them to your place of business!  Interested? Click on image.

You will be listed on all of our applicable web sites including: Many businesses offer a gift starting with the lowly ball point pen and see list chocolate says it best
      What is the one thing that all businesses have in common? A Business Card; and, because your business card is the most important marketing tool you have, we developed a number of ways to get your card seen, taken and saved that works. Before we go on, does your card have Impact!

Here are some samples of cards we created that show the four basics: Who, Where, What and Contact Information.

To find the business card you saw above or anywhere else, select either the NAME of the business from the "Name Of Business Menu" and click submit, or select their category from "Category Of Business Menu" and click submit.  

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Penny for Penny, Business Cards are your best marketing tools!

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